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Leave a Legacy

To ensure Avenel's perpetuity, please consider including  The Avenel Foundation in your estate plan.


These 1990 directors and the 2024 directors would be so pleased if you include Avenel in your will or trust. 

 L-R standing:  Joe Riley, Bonnie Worsham, Bolling Lambeth founder, Marilyn Boardman, Henry Walton  Gibo Luck , Elbert Slaughter, Elizabeth Berry-Mosley, and Annette Kendall. 

L-R seated: Fran Dortch, Charlie Hagan, and Lucille Boggess

Not pictured: Betty Gereau


Your tax deductible gift to the Avenel Foundation will help rescue, preserve, and protect Historic Avenel, a Bedford legacy and unique landmark, for educational and community enjoyment.

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