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Restoration In Progress

Construction of the Marilyn Boardman Memorial driveway funded by the John Boardman family

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Your gift to the Avenel Foundation will help restore, preserve, and protect Historic Avenel, a Bedford legacy and unique landmark, for educational and community enjoyment.

Irene Catlin

Facility Director

Phone: (540) 816-9385

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Grants & Proceeds

The Avenel Foundation gratefully acknowledges a grant of $7,500.00 from the Sackett-Graves Fund, administered by the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation, for Avenel's  "Loggia Wall Restoration."  Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation, formerly the Greater Lynchburg Community Trust, provides financial backing to non-profit organizations in Central Virginia.  Last year a $6,000.00 grant from this same benevolent organization covered almost all of the carpentry on Avenel's back balcony.  The  work entailed replacing part of the floor as well as the bottoms of the heavy Doric columns. 


Preserving historic Avenel with attention to safety, while making it available for rentals and community events, preoccupies the work of the board of directors.  The 2018 appeal and holiday letters have brought in about $15,000.00 so far.  Thus, with this grant from the Sackett-Graves Fund, Avenel is pleased to have raised in the last six months about half of the funds needed to restore the bulging, cracked wall.  Additional funding is needed to pay for the interior framing, not included in the grant application.


All who love and work for Avenel appreciate and thank the citizens of Bedford, Bedford County, and beyond along with the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation.  Knowing that your money comes back to our community, please consider giving to this foundation at 1100 Commerce Street, Lynchburg, VA  24504.  You can also give directly to The Avenel Foundation,  PO Box 686, Bedford, Va 24523.

Recent Restoration / Preservation Projects at Avenel Completed

“The Firebox Repair”  2021

“Basement slated for  Dec.’2021 Walls Stabilization”

“Chimney Restoration Project”  2020

“Loggia Wall Restoration”  2019

“Balcony Repair/Restoration” 2018

Rebuilding Wooden Steps 2018

“Smokehouse Preservation” 

“Porch Floor Replacement”

Landscape of Grounds in phases
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