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Rent Our Porch!


A letter to the editor of The Bedford Bulletin:


Dear Editor:

     Around the time of the annual Derby Day fundraiser in May, a note arrived in Avenel's post office box.  "Dear Avenel Folks," it began.  "We are all sorry we will miss the fun and enjoyable Kentucky Derby Party.  But we don't want you to miss out on continued support of the foundation. Best wishes . . ."  This unexpected gift bolstered our spirits; at the time we were hoping to merely be postponing the Derby fundraiser rather than canceling for the year 2020.  Now with September 5 approaching and no party planned and only a few events in play for small groups with social distancing, the mandate by which we abide, we are concentrating on in-house repairs, waiting anxiously for the day when Avenel again will be the site of weddings, luncheons, business meetings, and parties for the community.  Until that day arrives, I hope you will consider enjoying  Avenel by renting the porch for a couple of hours in the evenings, by appointment with our facilities director.  The breezes and rocking chairs welcome a foursome or sixsome as the spacious porch lends itself to social distancing. One night last week I found this a safe, enjoyable place to be with family and recommend it to our community. 


Penny Clarke, Avenel board member 

To rent the Avenel porch, please contact Irene Catlin:

(540) 816-9385

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